Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about MHSU Education web portal? The answers to these and more can be found below.

What is the difference between "Core Content" and "Practice Areas"?

The content found under "Core Content" includes resources we would recommend to any VCH employee. We know that mental illness impacts one in every four Canadians and that VCH staff work with individuals experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge across clinical care areas. The content found under "Specialty MHSU" includes more specific and acute materials for clinicians working primarily with a MHSU population.

How is the content on the Portal organized?

The Portal is organized using Nursing Practice Domains as the framework. This means that the content in each section (i.e. Core Content, Community, Older Adult, etc.) is matched to a corresponding Competency Assessment Planning and Evaluation (CAPE) Tool. To facilitate identifying your knowledge gaps or learning goals, you can download the corresponding CAPE tool for your practice area and find content on the Portal as it relates to each indicator in the domains.

What content can I expect to find on this portal?

This portal collates resources across many different online platforms. You may be required to log into LearningHub (this requires your VCH login and password) or create a free online account. For example, we recommend some UBC-CPD courses, Canadian Public Health Courses, LearningLinks Courses, etc.

How can I stay current with MHSU education and resources?

If you are interested in staying current, please "opt-in" to our quarterly Coastal MHSU Newsletter, found in the footer of this website. This is Newsletter is created and shared out to MHSU staff in the Coastal Communities of Care by our MHSU Clinical Nurse Educator. You can request to be added to this email list; click on the "Newsletter" button and add your full name and VCH email address.

Who is vetting this content?

Where courses or resources cannot be found on LearningHub or via, Coastal MHSU Educators have diligently sought out resources from established and well-known sources. The content has also been reviewed by Regional MHSU and piloted by a number of our Coastal site. If you come across a dated or concerning resources, please let us know via the portal feedback loop.